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Security: Providing 24/7 security for you and your family at home and beyond.

Concierge & Hospitality Services: Helping to secure access to people, places, experiences, and services in London and beyond.

Household & Residence Services: Ensuring all your needs are met when you are at home and looking after your property when you are not.

Health & Wellbeing Services: Connecting you with the best practitioners across wellness, health, medicine, nutrition, childcare & education.

The Private Office: On hand to connect you to the right people for more complex affairs, from legal to tax, immigration and art.

Service Philosophy

Our vision for No.1 Grosvenor Square residents is to provide a secure and personal sense of place, home and community with extraordinary services. My colleagues, all with years of experience from the world’s leading hotels and residences, will serve you and your guests to the very best of their abilities, twenty-four hours a day. We will achieve this by delivering unrivalled services with natural warmth, individuality, pride and a passion for quality and meticulous attention to detail. Underlying this will be the highest trust and respect for residents’ confidentiality and security, understanding that this is their home and personal space.

——Simon Hirst, General Manager

St Amand team
St Amand Team


Saint Amand is an exclusive hospitality group that exists to provide bespoke services tailored to the needs and tastes of residents. The Saint Amand team at No. 1 Grosvenor Square comprises a staff of thirty exceptional individuals with experience in the world’s leading hotels, restaurants and private members’ clubs.